Inclusive Services Consulting

Headshot of René Bue

René Bue, Inclusive Services Consultant

About Inclusive Services Consulting

PLLS’ Inclusive Services Consultant is available to help members assess their inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA); grow the level of cultural and community understanding; and develop programming geared toward underserved populations.

Services Menu

  • DPI Inclusive Services Assessment Guide Training
  • Topic-Specific Training (Programming, Services, Equity, Access, Collection Development, and more)
  • Facilitate trainings/programs (includes helping to connect with other outside speakers)
  • Compassion Resilience Training
  • Spanish for Libraries Workshop
  • Programming/Services for Latinx Library Users
  • Programming/Services for BIPOC Library Users
  • Programming/Services for LGBTQ+ Library Users
  • Ask if you have other ideas or needs