Delivery & Interlibrary Loan

About the Delivery Network

Prairie Lakes Library System provides delivery service to member libraries through a combination of system-owned delivery vans with system-employed drivers, and contracted couriers. Intra-system delivery of library materials is provided five days per week.

A contract with South Central Library System (SCLS) allows PLLS to participate in the Statewide Delivery Network and to send/receive items from RL&LL, MINITEX (Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota), and other Wisconsin library systems four days per week. Items coming from or going to libraries not listed on SCLS’ master list must be mailed.

Routing Slips and Bins

All items entering the delivery van should be placed in a delivery bin with a destination tag placed in the clear envelope affixed to the exterior of the bin. If you have enough items heading to a single library to fill an entire bin, it is recommended you do so. Otherwise, items may be co-mingled in bins labeled by library system. All items must have a transit slip.

The drivers will typically leave the same number of bins at your library as (s)he takes. If you need additional bins, please contact the PLLS office – 608-868-2872.

General Transit Guideline: All items must have a transit slip generated through WorkFlows and be placed in a grey or green bin labeled with the bin’s destination.

To-from Kenosha: All items must have a transit slip generated through workflows and be placed in a grey or green bin labeled with a Kenosha bin card. Items received from Kenosha may not have a transit slip because KPL uses RFID tags instead.

Within Rock County: Items must have either a transit slip generated through WorkFlows or a color-coded reusable library slip. Items should be placed in gray or green bins with a card indicating the destination.

Note: the above guidelines will be updated at a future date to more accurately reflect post-merger delivery flows. Grey and green bins are completely interchangeable and belong to Prairie Lakes Library System. Blue bins belong to Kenosha County Library System, but may be used in a pinch.

Special Deliveries

Certain equipment co-Op items and miscellaneous large items may require a special delivery. Please plan ahead by calling the PLLS office as soon as possible to make arrangements – 608-868-2872.